Tuesday, August 20, 2013

my bub

i inherited my ability to sob at a moment's notice from my mother.  for my wedding, everyone told her she was going to be a mess.  she sort of was leading up to it, but on the wedding day, she was all happy.  SO, this post is for you mom...let's go ahead and get it all out now...yell at dad to get you a tissue before going any further...

my little brother trey, mom's baby, is getting married this weekend! wahoo! we are all so excited and can't wait to celebrate!  i am so proud of trey.  he has grown into such a likeable human being (it was touch-and-go there for a while ;-).  he can make me laugh and keep me upbeat better than just about anyone...he's hilarious, kind, compassionate, a loyal friend, and a big teddy bear, to name a few.  we generally get along really well (all siblings have their moments, right?) and always have. he has always called me rose or rosie...or, really, wosie when he was little.  so, i thought i would share some of my favorites of me and my bub throughout the years....

this makes me think Will may look a lot like him in a few months

Yep...this is about right  ;-) 

my high school graduation

trey's high school graduation
anberlin show

my college graduation he's uncle trey and we are about to officially add aunt amanda! bring on saturday!

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  1. That made me cry and I've never even met him. :) Congratulations to your brother!