Monday, August 12, 2013

gearing up

we are gearing up for all kinds of things around this place. this week, we start back to work, and Will heads to daycare. so, i've been in a complete tizzy about being organized. i've pinned cleaning schedules (that i have yet to follow), washed an obscene amount of laundry (that will all be dirty again in approximately 4 days), and done some freezer cooking....this last one has actually been a little bit of an accomplishment.  i like pioneer woman's method rather than making a ton of casseroles. so far, i have frozen chili, meatballs and sauce, ground beef, ground turkey, chicken breasts....all cooked and ready to be made into a ton of 15 minute weeknight meals!  (i'm writing this down as to remember it...since it will likely never happen again!)

in much more EXCITING gearing up news...we are gearing up for a wedding!!! my (little...yet not so little) brother is getting married in TWO WEEKS! holy cow!  last weekend was the shower for his lovely fiance, amanda...

after the shower, we got our first family picture since leaving the hospital, i think.  (that's terrible...but i really haven't gotten out of pajamas much this summer)

i've already got my waterproof mascara ready for dropping this little guy off on wednesday. i think the ugly cry may make an appearance.

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