Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The final countdown

Things have been busy over the last month or so as we frantically prepare for little sister. The official countdown is 3 weeks and 1 day (due April 23)!

Brian was the assistant coach for Buckhannon Upshur High School's girl's basketball team from November through the beginning of March.  The girls had an amazing season (like, the best season in 15 years or so), winning sectionals and regionals to send them to the state tournament!  Going to games in your third trimester with a toddler is an exercise in endurance, patience, and ingenuity, but I survived.  When the girls would make a basket, Will yelled "touchdown!"  The team was knocked out in the first round at the tournament, but it was just so amazing that they got there in the first place.  Brian is already talking about next season...oh my!

after winning regionals...with a piece of cut net!

Local celebrities

on the civic center floor!

Once basketball season was over, it was finally time to get serious about preparing for little sister (before i had a nervous breakdown)!  Will's "big boy room" needed painted and furniture, the nursery needed lots of work, I had no clothes ready for little sister, and our house was generally a wreck (although that doesn't seem to change much day to day).

 Will's room went from this lovely place with wallpaper and red trim....

to a nice, clean, gray space that now has furniture and is inhabited by one excited big brother.  I'll share some more pictures once I get it a bit more organized.

My mom and I were also able to knock out painting the nursery.  I had planned to keep it gray (or at least that's the story I told brian ;-) but I just couldn't get it to work with the ideas I had in my head. So, we painted it. I'm slowly working on getting it decorated with pictures on the wall, french door curtains, some homemade bunting and twinkle lights, and a pompom mobile....

Somehow, Brian and I were able to find about 24 hours to get away.  We took a quick trip to Stonewall Resort and did nothing but eat and sleep.  It was glorious.

35 weeks at stonewall

And after all of that, Will and I have been completely exhausted ;-)