Saturday, November 30, 2013

2nd annual....

am i the only person who feels like it is impossible to make friends after college? brian says i am.  i will be the first to admit that i'm not the most outgoing person....some serious hermit tendencies. but, i am a chemist. enough said.

when we moved to charlottesville, we met a group of friends that is the absolute poo! the kind of people you feel instantly comfortable can do or say stupid things and they won't hold it against you for the rest of your life (lauren...i'm hoping this also applies to our dumb dog!) can expose every bit of weirdness (this specifically pertains to brian ;-)  and they laugh at you but love you anyway (i.e., some of the coolest people God ever made. ever.)

so, these swell folks came to visit us a few weekends ago.  the only thing we really did was walk up to campus to check it out and see my grody office...but that's only because we had consumed 40,000 calories and really needed to move.

they really wanted to see where i lectured. i tried to explain that it wasn't much to see.

jeff was curious why just one seat color couldn't have been ordered. i have been in this room for 1.5 years, and the thought had never crossed my mind. jeff should be in administration.

we played with the cathode ray tube and tesla coil in my office....

and it was evan's birthday, so brian let him get away with putting Will in some virginia gear.

good times.  this is the second year we've gotten together in the fall.  i'm REALLY hoping this stays a tradition forever.

Friday, November 22, 2013


by the time one of the last weekends in october rolled around, we realized we hadn't done anything "fall"ish.  we were dying to go to charlottesville, but Will still seemed a little too small to enjoy it.  we had seen signs around town for a pumpkin patch called The Farm, which boasted a fall extravaganza of sorts.  ended up practically being some dude's back yard, but whatever.

he was looking around as if to say "this place is a joke. i thought you guys were taking me to a pumpkin patch?"

 let's be optimistic and say it had just been picked over by this point, but i still only counted a total of about 10 pumpkins.

and then came halloween. we weren't able to pass out candy last year because we were busy sanding and staining floors...and didn't live here yet.  but our porch is huge and was just begging for trick-or-treaters to come hither.  so we were a family of bandits (i literally cut some masks out of an old tshirt 5 minutes before going outside....just a little thrown-together).  Will loved it. he had so many little kids come and say hi to him.  i had to make a run to riteaid about 20 minutes in to replenish our stock...people come out of the woodwork for this apparently.  brian made any of the kids who seemed a little old to be trick-or-treating answer a question about state capitols. it was a good time.

25, 26, & 27 weeks

me (to myself): yeah, this whole weekly picture thing was a little ambitious, don't you think?

Will is growing like a weed.  He is 27.5 inches tall and 14 lbs 2 oz.  He only gained about 1 lb since the four month visit.  His doctor said she wasn't too worried about it.  We started some solids a few weeks ago, so he will likely catch up (or he could just be a gangly, skinny thing like his mama). Speaking of solids...oatmeal cereal is Will's jam.  Rice cereal is fine, but oatmeal is scarf-worthy.

totally stole this from the 24 week folder...oh well

Here's the mashup...where has the time gone?!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


so this is what 29 looks like.

i'm generally too busy and scatterbrained to remember how old i am (let alone anything else...check out those notes on my hand...oy).  so, i'm not going to think too long and hard about this being the last year in my 20s.

all i really want is to not have to fix dinner.

thanks for all of the happy birthday wishes from all of the people i love. my dad just sang me "happy birthday dear rosebud"...may have made me tear up just a little bit. 20s have been good to me so far. i'm so thankful for that. one more to go!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

iphone photo dump v3

i'm behind by at least 10 posts. maybe i'll get caught up over thanksgiving break.  Will is officially a snuggle-bug....bout time!

This is exactly how he would lay on Nan when he was first born.

Will and Uncle Trey are buds.

Anymore, where Will is, Boo is. competition or comradery?

Bring on the snow!
brian caught us!

this high chair with a 5-point harness and rear suspension is awesome.

Sophie is delicious and just what those teefers need.

I'm glad this kid likes toboggans...
...and ball caps! HA!
ordering this cake over the phone from walmart made for an interesting conversation. happy mole day, Oct 23!

Fundraiser order form almost got eaten.

Sitting up like a big guy!

My favorite face he makes....lunch with Pawpaw...

...and Nana.
he apparently hasn't discovered the entertainment value of people watching in walmart.