Wednesday, August 28, 2013

did i call that, or what!?

last post, i said we just knew Will was working on some giggles.  wouldn't you know, he gave us a little taste last night. i'm so thankful for iphones that are right there to capture special moments. 

i'm not sure who is funnier...Will or us losing our minds (yep, i was crying).....

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

14 & 15 weeks

Week 14:  Will is officially rolling over and holding his head up.  if he has something to push off of, he manages to scoot himself pretty good too (look out!).  head control - check!

he took a guy's trip to church with dad -in matching outfits- while I was at school participating in freshman orientation activities.

Week 15: smiles are officially happening all the time. he is even starting to work on a giggle, we just know it.  he's doing great at daycare....they say when one baby starts crying, they all start crying...except for Will, he just looks around.  i think he's going to have a pretty laid back personality.  he doesn't seem to recognize us yet when we pick him up (i'm still waiting for the day when he looks at me as if to say "YAY MOMMY'S HERE!"), but he's starting to recognize our faces when we are playing with him.

he loves playing in his crib with his 'friends'....everyone is friends with the purple turtle, right? he has been telling them some unbelievable stories, like what he's dreaming about at night (milk, of course).

and since he can hold his head up, he's much more amenable to being favorite....

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wedding Weekend

My brother's wedding was awesome. And we are exhausted. More pictures to come, but here is my favorite family photo so far!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

my bub

i inherited my ability to sob at a moment's notice from my mother.  for my wedding, everyone told her she was going to be a mess.  she sort of was leading up to it, but on the wedding day, she was all happy.  SO, this post is for you mom...let's go ahead and get it all out now...yell at dad to get you a tissue before going any further...

my little brother trey, mom's baby, is getting married this weekend! wahoo! we are all so excited and can't wait to celebrate!  i am so proud of trey.  he has grown into such a likeable human being (it was touch-and-go there for a while ;-).  he can make me laugh and keep me upbeat better than just about anyone...he's hilarious, kind, compassionate, a loyal friend, and a big teddy bear, to name a few.  we generally get along really well (all siblings have their moments, right?) and always have. he has always called me rose or rosie...or, really, wosie when he was little.  so, i thought i would share some of my favorites of me and my bub throughout the years....

this makes me think Will may look a lot like him in a few months

Yep...this is about right  ;-) 

my high school graduation

trey's high school graduation
anberlin show

my college graduation he's uncle trey and we are about to officially add aunt amanda! bring on saturday!

Monday, August 19, 2013

a well oiled machine we are not

the first real work-morning getting out of the house is in the books and looked something like this:

3:00 - Will wakes up and wants to eat
3:20- Put Will down
4:00- Boo gets out of bed and pukes on the floor. Brian practically falls out of bed to move her onto the hardwood so it's easier to clean (gross, i know)
4:30- Will wakes up and is fussy...take him to the living room and put him in swing
5:00- still fussy...rock him (he just wanted his mama)
5:20- fall back asleep
6:00- alarm goes off, hair, makeup (this routine is going to need some fine tuning...the sock bun is going to make an appearance at least 3/5 days a week!)
6:30- change and feed Will, finish getting his bottles ready, finish packing his bag, get dressed
7:20- get Will and brian out the door, realize i need to just buy breakfast food to leave in my office-a bag of dry mini wheats will do
7:30- make it to school


i'm going to be really upbeat and call this a win. we'll see if i feel the same way on friday.

this is as good as we could do for an official first day of school picture....

Friday, August 16, 2013

first day

last year, i posted this picture of my first day of school (ever) beside my first official day as a professor...

my mom said everyone told her she was going to cry when i left for my first day of school.  she waited at the bus stop with me, made sure i got on and found a seat, and then i was off. but she didn't cry.  she said i was so excited to be going to school that she couldn't help but be happy (little did she know, i would stay in school until i was 27, and then teach so i could act like i was still in school. oy vey). she was waiting at the bus stop at the end of the day. when i got off and she asked how my day was, i threw my hands in the air and jumped straight up, "GREAT!".....and THAT'S when she started crying...because i didn't "need her anymore".

yesterday was sort of like that, only slightly more irrational. we dropped Will off at daycare before work.  the teachers were extremely nice...made me feel comfortable before i left him. he didn't cry at all. brian was glad he did ok when we left, but in some ways (here it comes...the irrational part), i wanted him to cry...i wanted him to miss me and want ME to stay with him. but he's three months old. and i was being ridiculous.

so, i went to mcdonalds and got a coffee and the greasiest thing on the menu and cried in my car.

when we picked him up, he was just fine...had a great day according to his teachers. they said he was so sweet, and they wanted to take him home (um, no).  that made me feel good. but i still cried all the way home. the little guy must have been busy, because he slept practically all evening and almost the whole night. 

let's hope i can pull it together on monday when i actually have students....bring on the mom guilt!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

12 & 13 weeks

week 12: Will helped us with the yard sale. he lured people in and then we made our sales pitch.  we got rid of everything the previous owner left in our basement (crib, kids bed, loveseat, desk, desk chair, sewing machine and chair, stereo, laptop, 2 computers circa 1990s, a coffee table, 2 exercise bikes, a sweeper...yeah, it was ridiculous).

he got in a couple full nights of sleep...we were thrilled! and he got a new bathtub. the one we had didn't fit our sink well, so my parents just had to take care of that.  now he stays in and plays for a while (and sometimes decides that it would be the opportune location for pooping).

Will also figured out how to get his right thumb in his had been giving him fits. he worked out a pretty good technique...he puts his whole hand over his face with his mouth open and then slides it across until the thumb pops in. kid's a problem solver.

week 13: Will got to spend a few days in Poca with his cousins. he absolutely loved watching them swim and play. 

he got to hang out with his other cousins, sam and jack, at jack's birthday party.

he chilled in the bumbo in his air jordan's while we cleaned up the kitchen.

 and he started rolling over on his right side.  this must be comfortable because he's fallen asleep 3 times now in his crib, on his right side, sucking his thumb. Firsts.

Monday, August 12, 2013

gearing up

we are gearing up for all kinds of things around this place. this week, we start back to work, and Will heads to daycare. so, i've been in a complete tizzy about being organized. i've pinned cleaning schedules (that i have yet to follow), washed an obscene amount of laundry (that will all be dirty again in approximately 4 days), and done some freezer cooking....this last one has actually been a little bit of an accomplishment.  i like pioneer woman's method rather than making a ton of casseroles. so far, i have frozen chili, meatballs and sauce, ground beef, ground turkey, chicken breasts....all cooked and ready to be made into a ton of 15 minute weeknight meals!  (i'm writing this down as to remember it...since it will likely never happen again!)

in much more EXCITING gearing up news...we are gearing up for a wedding!!! my (little...yet not so little) brother is getting married in TWO WEEKS! holy cow!  last weekend was the shower for his lovely fiance, amanda...

after the shower, we got our first family picture since leaving the hospital, i think.  (that's terrible...but i really haven't gotten out of pajamas much this summer)

i've already got my waterproof mascara ready for dropping this little guy off on wednesday. i think the ugly cry may make an appearance.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


before school gets back in full swing, we made our last summer trip to poca.  kelly and jen, brian's sisters, were bringing up all the kiddos for a visit...5 kiddos in one van - yes, they are brave women!

maddie and davis tried to teach Will how to make funny faces...

and, after swimming all evening, pretty much everyone got a turn holding the little guy.  have you ever seen so many beautiful blue-eyed babies in your life!? good. ness.    i mean, i know they are my family, but these little girls are the loveliest!!!

six grandkids for brian's parents...but not for long....jen's got #7 on the way!!!! always a good time when you get to eat breakfast at first watch.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


yesterday brian and i celebrated 6 years of marriage! holy cow!

my mom watched Will letting us go on our first date since he arrived!

i love looking back on our wedding photos. it was such an unbelievably fun day surrounded by all of our favorite people.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

adding to the crazy

brian and i are spending today getting ready for an event that is a BIG deal around these parts...WV's largest yard sale.  that's right, our little town is the site of WV's largest yard sale, and our house is smackdab in the middle of it all.  we've been told that it's easily as crazy as the strawberry festival with people coming in from florida and texas (my friend joni told me the junk gypsy girls will be here!!!)... so rather than try to avoid it, we are going to load some junk in our front yard and pull up a couple of chairs! i don't think i'll be able to resist buying some junk though....brian is just hoping we break even! i'll report back on how it goes...

and because i take too many pictures of this kid....

last weekend both sets of grandparents came over for dinner and Will put on a little smiling show for everyone. be still my heart.