Monday, August 19, 2013

a well oiled machine we are not

the first real work-morning getting out of the house is in the books and looked something like this:

3:00 - Will wakes up and wants to eat
3:20- Put Will down
4:00- Boo gets out of bed and pukes on the floor. Brian practically falls out of bed to move her onto the hardwood so it's easier to clean (gross, i know)
4:30- Will wakes up and is fussy...take him to the living room and put him in swing
5:00- still fussy...rock him (he just wanted his mama)
5:20- fall back asleep
6:00- alarm goes off, hair, makeup (this routine is going to need some fine tuning...the sock bun is going to make an appearance at least 3/5 days a week!)
6:30- change and feed Will, finish getting his bottles ready, finish packing his bag, get dressed
7:20- get Will and brian out the door, realize i need to just buy breakfast food to leave in my office-a bag of dry mini wheats will do
7:30- make it to school


i'm going to be really upbeat and call this a win. we'll see if i feel the same way on friday.

this is as good as we could do for an official first day of school picture....


  1. I hope you had a great first day back!

    I wanted to ask you about the yarn you used for Will's blanket. I want to make my first afghan, and I want to use some soft and cozy yarn. Do you feel like that yarn was worth price? ( It's a little more than I usually spend at Michaels).


  2. Hi Joni! The first day wasn't terrible...just busy.

    I really like the yarn. It is super soft and was great to crochet with...but it is pretty pricey. I used 7 skeins and that blanket is probably 4'x4'? So, it could get expensive to make something bigger. But, you'll be using it for years. I also don't know about how it washes up. I know when Will lays on it with his slobbery hands, he winds up with fists full of fuzz, so I'm a little worried to wash it....but I read reviews that said washing was fine.

    My grandma crocheted and always made her afghans from Red Heart brand. The one I have is really soft but that might just be because it's worn in.

  3. seems like a total victory to me! you look great! will looks a little apprehensive about the new routine:)