Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blingy vs. nuh-nuh

When I am on a break and have Will at home, we spend lots of time cuddling and taking naps together.  Will can't rest though without his nuh-nuh, an aqua thermal blanket with satin trim just like his Mama's when she was a little girl...or when she was 30.  Confession: I am 30 years old and still sleep with my childhood blingy. My family told me when I got married I was going to have to get rid of it.  I don't think they understood that it was part of the package.  It is starting to look rough after all of these years.  Will's nuh-nuh is actually my back-up blanket that my mom still had at her house.  She gave it to Will (without my permission), and he immediately fell in love with it.  When going to sleep, he rubs his hands and face with it....just like his Mama.  I really wonder if it's genetic.

I recently learned that the company that made these wonderfully wonderful blankets (Baby Morgan blankets) went out of business a few years ago.  I am currently on the hunt to find one for baby sister or find the materials to just make one.

The only reason I was willing to publicly embarrass myself by admitting my blingy obsession (and posting such unflattering photos) is because I absolutely cherish these pictures. Flipping through on my phone and Brian's old phone made me laugh at the number that contained both of us sleeping with our blankets...mainly from this summer when we took LOTS of naps together.





Sunday, January 4, 2015

I have a blog?

I haven't posted since October 14...yikes! I have good reasons though.  Mainly because this happened....

Yep, the Webb's are expecting Baby #2 at the end of April. I am currently 24 weeks! This past semester was a blur...because I felt like death.  This pregnancy has been nothing like the first.  I had to tell my students I was with-child at around 8 weeks so they would forgive me for running out of class in the middle of a sentence to throw my guts up...luckily, they were very understanding. It was a solid 18 weeks before I felt sort of like a normal human again.

I have a few good pictures on my camera, but it (and my computer) are not cooperating at the moment, so I'll stick with iphone documentation of the last few months...

Will was Mickey Mouse for Halloween...thanks to my cousin Beth for saving her boys' costumes through the years!  When my computer cooperates, I'll post the pictures from Halloween night where there were big tears rolling down his face because mean-ole-mom wouldn't let him stay outside with Dad in the frigid temperatures!

I celebrated my 30th birthday! Amongst lots of cool stuff, I was most excited about my automatic car starter my family got for me!  Now on bitter mornings, Will and I hop into a nice toasty vehicle...totally priceless!

Will got to ride in Pawpaw's truck. And oh my goodness, this is the BEST thing in the world.  Bless his heart...when we visit Brian's family, the first thing Will says when he wakes up is "truck!"  He loves Pawpaw's truck!

At some point when I could hold my head up without feeling woozy, I was ready to tackle a project! The lady we bought our house from left a great hutch, table, and chairs. But the chairs looked like she let her kids wipe their faces on them.  Cleaning didn't work, and I wasn't about to reupholster the backs, so I compromised.  I recovered the seats and painted the backs (using this tutorial). I also painted some curtains for the dining room.  Please excuse our gross's on the to-do list....way at the bottom labeled "someday when we have an extra (at least) 20K sitting around"

 The boys also got new Ikea bedroom furniture put together! So, we may have plaster falling off the walls, but by golly, we finally have bedroom furniture that matches! High five dad!

 Brian and I got to join Will one day for lunch at school for his big Holiday Feast! It was so much fun!

Will helped me make Pioneer Woman Cinnamon official Webb family Christmas tradition.  He stirred the icing (and flipped it all over the counter)....

...discovered the butter/sugar/cinnamon mixture still left on the table and licked it up when "mom wasn't watching".....


...and licked his plate clean when he finally got to eat one! HA!

 And during a tense evening in the ER, we found out we are having a little GIRL!!!  I have a feeling she is going to add some adventure to our lives, because she has certainly been a spitfire thus far.

We are currently working on Will's big boy room so I can redecorate the nursery for our sweet babe. I'm going with orange/pink/red color scheme this time with these as inspiration photos...
 Entering the girl world {the nursery} » Colors...done.   purl soho | products | item | yarn for super easy crib blanket in super soft merino (purl soho)

And if she doesn't get her brother's lashes, she is going to be ticked.....