Thursday, September 27, 2012

my family is crazy.

thank goodness.

brian and i have had a rough few days with this house nonsense. but my mind was taken off of it for a while this evening. between four of us ( me, brian, mom, and trey) we delivered a killer version of 'part of your world' from the little the top of our lungs while spread out across three rooms of the house. it was awesome. just like the little mermaid.

thank you Lord for my crazy family who can always make me laugh.

Friday, September 21, 2012

will we ever be in our house?

problem #1 is that i continue to call it "our house" even though it seems like it will never happen (getting my hopes up a bit??)....maybe i'm jinxing it!!! 

here is the 30 days of paystubs were turned in on aug 31.  our file went to the underwriter last tuesday.  the underwriter, the same folks who gave us a loan commitment letter just 3 short long months ago, has had our file for over a week and a half...with no indication of progress (what could possibly take so long?). for all we know, our file is still sitting in a stack.  we've bugged our loan officer, loan processor, AND left messages with the vp of the bank. no answers. no one knows anything.

we are frustrated, nervous, angry, etc. i think i have crossed the line and become desperate. i have been bugging the loan processor for days (she sent the file to the underwriter) to get an update. being mean doesn't help. calls don't help (no one returns calls these days...what is UP with that???).  so, i crossed the line to desperate....i told our processor today that i feel like julia roberts in pretty we are with money to spend and no one is helping us (or sure is taking their good ol' time to help). don't you just feel horrible for her in that shopping scene on rodeo drive?

wouldn't you know, i got an immediate response.  pretty woman is apparently our processor's favorite movie (along with the notebook)...and she called the vp of the bank to have him try to push things along. she filled him in on our situation and he will try to take care of it.

we still probably won't hear anything before the weekend, but at least i feel like SOMEONE is trying for us. just took a little girl talk. or maybe she could just sense my desperation?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

you're killin' me smalls

i have watched pieces of the sandlot for three nights in a row now. i love it. right up there with 'a league of their own.' wonder what ever happened to squints?


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

first test

i gave my first test last friday. i didn't think it was hard enough when writing it, but my students' faces said otherwise as they turned it in.

i started grading at 1pm on friday. i layed them all out (70 total) in my teaching lab and graded them "hamner-style". brian came by to help me. he graded practically every multiple choice question and we still weren't done by 5:30pm. i finished up over the weekend...took me 2 additional hours. yikes.

i either need to get faster at grading or quit giving so much partial credit. likely both.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

growing like a weed...

we have had so much fun with boo. she is so playful and absolutely loves to run in my parent's huge yard. but i am pretty sad that she doesn't look like a puppy anymore. that stage doesn't last long enough.

when we moved back to wv, she was so much smaller than emma (my yorkie that my parents kidnapped...dognapped?).

now she is bigger than emma, and i can barely pick her up with one arm. crazy.

boo at 8 weeks and brand new to the webb family
boo at 4 months...too bad you can't see her pretty eyes

Monday, September 10, 2012

my (totally uneventful and completely wonderful) weekend

mom: rose, what are you writing about?
me: our weekend.
mom: haha, yeah, so what are you writing about?

maybe she's remembering that i only got out of my pajamas for a few hours this weekend...

friday night brian, mom, dad, and i went to my favorite restaurant, muriales....knockyoursocksoff italian. my favorite is the minestrone soup followed by salad and the taste of italy (rigatoni, ravioli, lasagna, and a meatball). i didn't get a picture of the salad...i started inhaling it when it hit the table. i know...i don't eat salad. but, i do eat these salads. so good.

i could pretty much plant my face into this sauce

saturday was a lazy football-watching/napping day. i didn't get out of my pajamas until 4pm, and that was only because i needed a few things from the store to finish Pioneer Woman's Beef Stew.....this meal is legit.

and the most exciting part of the weekend...when my brother trey and his girlfriend amanda returned from their weekend away...after officially getting ENGAGED! yay!!! i am so happy for my brother. amanda is the sweetest, and i can't wait to have her in the family. this picture is from christmas (obviously)...

Friday, September 7, 2012


my favorite shoes have officially bit the dust. i've had them for years, and even though they were starting to get a little ratty looking, i was not ready to part with them. however, boo thought i was ready to part with them. she also thought they tasted really good.

so, now i'm on the hunt for the perfect leopard print shoe...preferably a peep toe, low wedge with just the right print that can easily go from dressy to casual and add some funky to any outfit...ugh! this dog is lucky i like her!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


there are some definite perks to living at home with my parents for a while (side note: things are finally moving on the house, but i'm not getting excited until we have keys in our hands).

mom and dad have totally taken care of me on the snack front. dad bought me 2 boxes of chocolate snack packs. mom packed my lunch yesterday with mini laughing cow swiss cheese  (deed, these are good) and pretzel crackers. see the benefits?

so, my afternoon snacking has been pretty incredible.  i've also been downing a ton of water. that glass holds 20 ounces. i have to completely refill it after each lecture because my mouth gets so dry. hello bathroom! my students probably think there is something wrong with me.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

what a day!

at the end of some days, i just need a little bit of ridiculousness!

this may be my favorite mashup of all time....