Monday, September 10, 2012

my (totally uneventful and completely wonderful) weekend

mom: rose, what are you writing about?
me: our weekend.
mom: haha, yeah, so what are you writing about?

maybe she's remembering that i only got out of my pajamas for a few hours this weekend...

friday night brian, mom, dad, and i went to my favorite restaurant, muriales....knockyoursocksoff italian. my favorite is the minestrone soup followed by salad and the taste of italy (rigatoni, ravioli, lasagna, and a meatball). i didn't get a picture of the salad...i started inhaling it when it hit the table. i know...i don't eat salad. but, i do eat these salads. so good.

i could pretty much plant my face into this sauce

saturday was a lazy football-watching/napping day. i didn't get out of my pajamas until 4pm, and that was only because i needed a few things from the store to finish Pioneer Woman's Beef Stew.....this meal is legit.

and the most exciting part of the weekend...when my brother trey and his girlfriend amanda returned from their weekend away...after officially getting ENGAGED! yay!!! i am so happy for my brother. amanda is the sweetest, and i can't wait to have her in the family. this picture is from christmas (obviously)...

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  1. don't lie, you know that the christmas tree is still up! Go Trey!