Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Will and I got to spend Easter weekend with my family.  brian left friday for a tough mudder race in the poconos with one of his best college buddies (hopefully pictures to come), so we headed to nan and pap's house. brian got back sunday evening for dinner, but we didn't get a family picture. bummer. Will got to play with uncle trey, play with his "easter basket" toys from nan and pap...beach toys for later this summer, and hunt easter eggs.

i have some work to do on buying gifts for this boy (especially since his birthday is TWO WEEKS away...ahhh!).  i guess because we know others are going to get him toys, we get his essentials.  for example, our best contributions for an easter basket were new socks (so Will's legs no longer look like stuffed sausages...see evidence below) and a toothbrush/toothpaste combo (b-o-r-i-n-g)! maybe as he gets older and starts playing with things i'll be dying to buy him toys.  until then, the amazon box we get in the mail every once in a while seems to be doing the trick.

these socks are practically strangling his legs. poor guy.

he was storing the eggs in his cheeks, like a squirrel, until he made it back to the basket...surely....

Thursday, April 10, 2014

11 month tricks

I smashed a few iphone videos together of Will's latest tricks including waving, saying no and dada, transfering between pieces of furniture (he's SO CLOSE to walking), and some awesome games of hide and seek...or hide and peek...or something like that!?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Enough already, Mom!

Will was completely uninterested in this series of photos, but I just kept snapping. I have a feeling this is just the start of a compilation of pictures where it is totally obvious he would rather be doing something else. It's almost as if there is an audible "Ah, MOM!"

He had better get used to it. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

38-45 weeks!

have i neglected this blog recently or what!?...i haven't given this boy's weekly updates for a good 8 weeks! yeesh! you would think we were busy or something!

Will is almost 11 months. he is eating literally everything that we give him...but scrambled eggs and toast are worth smack his lips over! at school, his teachers say that broccoli with cheese and cheeseburgers are his favorites HA! he is crawling at lightning speeds and pulling up on everything. it shouldn't be long until he starts letting go (oh my word). he has two bottom teeth and just cut two top teeth this week. teeth cutting days are lousy days, but he is generally a really happy fella. we are teaching him all kinds of tricks.  however, boo is really irritated that he can do high-fives...she was under the impression that trick was squarely under the "dog" category. he learns new things every day. we are having so much fun with him.

getting these pictures is becoming increasingly difficult.  laying still for longer than 30 seconds is just not on this kid's daily itinerary (as evidenced by the wrinkly blanket and week 45), unless he's just had a bottle and has his blingy by his side.

as robin would say "sunday school hair"