Wednesday, January 29, 2014

32, 33, 34, 35, 36, & 37 weeks...yikes!

Will has been home with brian for almost a week and a half because of the snow and cutrightthroughyou frigid temperatures. they have enjoyed being home together so much...going back to school tomorrow is going to be rough for brian.

in the meantime, baby boy just keeps growing. what is happening!? this mama doesn't like it one bit! 

that's not completely sure is fun to see him learn new things. Will is currently filling out at a rapid rate, always keeping an eye on what boo is doing, giggling when we tickle him (and in anticipation when we tell him we are going to tickle him), saying da-da-da pretty clearly, and crawling...straight to boo's bowl of dog food. enough already.


and once again, i have this poor guy in a onesie that is too tight and don't realize it until i look at pictures. HE IS GROWING TOO FAST!!!  i feel like i need to write him a message in case he ever reads this blog one day.... "sorry dude, i had no idea what i was doing!"

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

iphone photo dump v4

these pictures span from the start of my christmas break to the present...

the old ladies at walmart dig this hat...

I made a quick trip to charlottesville to see this amazing gal....

 robin was trying on a bunch of frames from warby parker before she committed to a new pair, so i jumped on board. i think these complete the chemistry professor image.

 he is (was) slowly working on the mechanics of this crawling business...

in poca, Will got to play with his baby cousin lily....

and cousin maddie gave him a bottle.

we also took in our first wvu basketball game with nana and pawpaw.

aunt jen got Will the most awesome periodic table blocks. he can learn the alphabet while learning the elements, right?

we had to make some modifications to the trim work in our house to get this bouncy seat to work, but it was SO worth it. Will bounces and giggles until he is exhausted. it's nearly impossible to get a good picture of him in it, because he won't stand still.

holy cow. the sweetest little chunky cheeks!

 uh oh. time to lower the mattress.

double uh oh!!!!

Will got to stay home with brian yesterday (and today too...those lucky bums) since we had a snow day. when i got home, he greeted me with sleepy eyes and crazy hair! :-)

we are currently under about 10 inches of snow.  i absolutely hate being cold but generally like the snow if i have the right gear.  if you are in need to some good snow boots, invest in some bean boots. they are the second best investment (behind the subaru) for this winter! i have also lectured in them all week! HA!

Saturday, January 18, 2014


i had not heard of birchbox. it was a christmas present from my brother-in-law andrew (so, thanks jen! ;-) 

with a subscription to birchbox, you get a different box of goodies each month. this is particularly exciting for me since sephora and ulta aren't around the corner anymore.  and let's be honest, i'm still like a little girl when it comes to new beauty products.  when i got my birchbox, i was painting my nails with gold glitter nail polish and applying the brightest pink lipstick i've ever owned...when i was supposed to be making dinner. :-)

the box is so cute....
...and is filled with the coolest stuff.  this box had a perfume sample, a face primer sample, ghirardelli chocolate (not pictured because i ate it), nail polish that changes color outside!!!!, and the most vibrant and wonderful lipstick ( need this!)

this week, i'm sure my students thought i was trying to be way younger than i am. and they would be right..but come on, this nail polish is awesome

Thursday, January 16, 2014

and he's mobile!

Will has been crawling for about two weeks now...but only backward. last night we saw that he was finally making more of an effort to move forward. i ran for the camera, and we used his favorite remote controls as bait :-)

in a week or two when he is all over the place, i'm sure we won't be as excited about this development, but it sure was fun for the first time!......

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

well this is a little embarrassing

well, this post is a little embarrassing. but only a little. i don't think i've written about my most embarrassing moment. it went something like this...job interview (for my current job), food poisoning, went anyways, passed out during my lecture, in a skirt, finished the lecture but wanted to crawl in a cave and die. but i got the job, so whatever!

that is completely unrelated to these sweet pictures.

Will and i got into a little bit of a bad habit over christmas break.  we took naps all the time. together. this punk can fall asleep on me in 10 seconds flat. brian started documenting these occurrences. luckily, he was sweet enough to capture them when my mouth wasn't open with drool running out...though after seeing a couple of these, you know that's where i was headed.

i didn't get to have all of the fun though...sweet, sweet moments!

Monday, January 13, 2014

snow days

brian got four snow days over the last few weeks. one day was 'flu shot' day for Will.  since i've had to endure all of the recent shots by myself and brian was off, i packed Will up and sent them to the doctor's office while i stayed home in my pajamas. (yes, my christmas decorations are still up. i'm not taking them down until at least february. i spend too much time putting them up to only get to enjoy them for a month....less because we are practically gone for two weeks! so, yeah. i'm a weirdo)

it was definitely cold enough to warrant the bear suit. and really, who wouldn't want to wear that thing if you looked that cute?

and off they went, even though our road was completely covered with a nice layer of ice underneath.  the subaru was possibly our best investment yet.

do you know that every time i take this kid for shots he loses his mind? and continues to lose his mind even after we get if to say MOM, HOW COULD YOU!???

do you know what he was doing when BRIAN brought him home?


as are these lashes. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

mom is funnier than dad

finally. we are finally starting to get some laughs out of this kid. he's SO serious! his grandmothers have both gotten him to laugh harder than this, we just didn't have a camera around.  but this was my mom's "joke", and we were still trying to get some mileage out of it.   he laughs at the strangest things...we can't figure it out. and, apparently, what is funny from one person is just ridiculous from another......sorry brian.....

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

baby's first christmas

the first annual webb christmas (even though we've been married 6 years, i'm still counting this as our make it!) technically didn't happen until december 26.  i had the stomach bug (or food poisoning...not sure) on christmas, and brian was trying to get it as well.  so, we postponed things a little bit.  luckily, our kid has no idea what's going on.  he was happy as can be on the 25th and the 26th!  we slept in, cuddled a little bit, had some cereal and prunes, and then opened a few presents...on our periodic table blanket, of course. we really didn't get Will much. i figured the grandmothers would pretty much have it covered (oh yeah, and he's only 7 months).

Will got some touch-and-feel books (he's into feeling...and eating...everything these days), Uncle Goose classic wooden blocks,  shape sorter blocks, and a new friend named Wink (that Boo has decided to use as a pillow).....

And then we played for the rest of the morning.  just about perfect as far as i was concerned.

 thanks for the ornament uncle dave and aunt della. Will didn't understand why we wouldn't let him eat it!