Wednesday, January 15, 2014

well this is a little embarrassing

well, this post is a little embarrassing. but only a little. i don't think i've written about my most embarrassing moment. it went something like this...job interview (for my current job), food poisoning, went anyways, passed out during my lecture, in a skirt, finished the lecture but wanted to crawl in a cave and die. but i got the job, so whatever!

that is completely unrelated to these sweet pictures.

Will and i got into a little bit of a bad habit over christmas break.  we took naps all the time. together. this punk can fall asleep on me in 10 seconds flat. brian started documenting these occurrences. luckily, he was sweet enough to capture them when my mouth wasn't open with drool running out...though after seeing a couple of these, you know that's where i was headed.

i didn't get to have all of the fun though...sweet, sweet moments!

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