Monday, January 13, 2014

snow days

brian got four snow days over the last few weeks. one day was 'flu shot' day for Will.  since i've had to endure all of the recent shots by myself and brian was off, i packed Will up and sent them to the doctor's office while i stayed home in my pajamas. (yes, my christmas decorations are still up. i'm not taking them down until at least february. i spend too much time putting them up to only get to enjoy them for a month....less because we are practically gone for two weeks! so, yeah. i'm a weirdo)

it was definitely cold enough to warrant the bear suit. and really, who wouldn't want to wear that thing if you looked that cute?

and off they went, even though our road was completely covered with a nice layer of ice underneath.  the subaru was possibly our best investment yet.

do you know that every time i take this kid for shots he loses his mind? and continues to lose his mind even after we get if to say MOM, HOW COULD YOU!???

do you know what he was doing when BRIAN brought him home?


as are these lashes. 

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