Monday, February 25, 2013

28 weeks

friday marked 28 weeks....i'm officially in my third trimester! wahoo!

my belly is 26 centimeters (top to bottom) and i've gained 18 lbs.  baby boy loves red meat and milk (is he going to be just like my brother???!!!!!).  AND, i passed my glucose test...yippy!

my only complaint is still my back.  with lectures and labs, i spend a lot of time on my feet, so my back is taking a beating! other than that, i feel really good. 

putting socks on is starting to get interesting...brian is going to love helping with that!  btw, how about that post from brian, aka "you"?! he had me crying i was laughing so hard...he was thoroughly irritated about his position in life that day, bless his heart!

i've invested in some basic maternity pieces...flare jeans, skinny jeans, black skinny jeans, and lots of long/short sleeved tshirts.  i've tried to just use cardigans and sweaters over the would be too expensive to buy a bunch of different/nice shirts. SO, i decided to buy some fun jewelry to spice up my outfits.  one of our friends, niki, just started a business called The Gilt Shop (read all about it on Gina's blog).  she makes jewelry and sells it on facebook each wednesday during "flash sales". it is SO affordable (i think i paid 12 or 15 bucks for this necklace). i was giddy on saturday when this pretty peacock necklace arrived in the mail.  you should totally check it out.....

Friday, February 22, 2013

I (Don't) Wanna Be The Minority

Let me start out by saying this is not Me.  This is You.  As per the title, "me, you, and a dog named Boo", the author of this particular post is You.  Not you, but You..... as in me.  Anyway, my name is Brian and I am the husband of THE Dr. Joanna Webb, the creator of this wonderful blog.  I am a full-time teacher and a part-time guest blogger.  If you need me to do a guest appearance on YOUR blog, I am available for a small fee. 

So, my job requires me to be at an elementary school for the first part of my day.  If you've never spent much time in an elementary school, they're usually crawling with women.  Its an understatement to say that I am in the minority.  I'm like a leprechaun riding a unicorn at this school.  I am the only male teacher in the whole building and it stinks!  No, stinks.. Since I am the low man only man on the totem pole I've been given a room that triples as an office, copy room, and BATHROOM!  My desk sits a mere 8 feet from 2 bathrooms.  Thankfully, I am in earshot and noseshot of any noises or smells that might imanate from across the room.  I am constantly made aware of my position at this school on a daily basis when I walk in to my room and the smell of Ly-poop-sol hits me right in the whiffer. 

Thankfully, I do not spend a great deal of time in this room, but on days like today when I have a lot of paperwork to do, I dream about an office with a window (an open window), miles away (or at least more than 10 feet) from the smells and sounds of a toilet. 

 - B. Webb

Saturday, February 9, 2013

26 weeks

yesterday marked 26 weeks. yikes! i had never experienced heartburn until being pregnant. i know that seems crazy, but it's true.  last night was terrible (i think it was the papa john's garlic sauce). i had to try to sleep sitting up because it was so bad....all the while the little man was exploring my ribs on the right side. it was an awesome night of of many to come, i'm sure!

brian and i registered today.  we were both completely overwhelmed! my mom came with us, so she helped to keep us on track. i think we have a pretty good start, but there were a few things i wanted to hold off on until i do a little research.  any advice on items a new mom shouldn't be without?  i'm having a hard time finding a navy blue crib bumper.  am i the only one in america who doesn't want to use pastels in the nursery? surely not! i think i need to make my own.

i am also making great progress on the blanket.  four rows are done, and i'm ready to move on to the blues. i love it so far!

if 1 am heartburn persists, i should have this blanket done in no time!

big night on tv tomorrow...downton abbey AND the walking dead. i don't know how we are going to decide which one to watch live. maybe a better idea is to record them both and go to bed early! ;-)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

silly girl

my friend krista sent me an email this morning asking about my sewing machine preferences, because she is in the market to buy one.

isn't it funny how sometimes just one little question or comment can send you spiraling down memory lane and leave you in a puddle of tears (in the middle of your office....during office hours)?

oh, that's just me? well then. let's just blame it on hormones.

my grandma got me a sewing machine for christmas some years ago. i think i was still in college at the time. opening the gift was not one of my proudest moments.  as i pulled the wrapping paper off of the box, i saw a sewing machine with the word "Disney" pasted in huge letters across the top.  the picture of the machine had Disney characters all over it.  i was convinced that grandma had gotten me some toy sewing machine without realizing it, but i smiled and thanked her....and the sewing machine sat in the closet for years, even though i loved to sew and had plenty of projects i wanted to work on.

during one of my many moves, i pulled it out of the closet and finally cracked it open.  wouldn't you know, as far as sewing machines are concerned, it was the bomb.  not only was it a digital sewing machine (that a monkey could thread without any instructions), but it had the capability to do embroidery just by programming it and pressing GO.  the whole disney thing was no big deal....the machine had a disney package so that i could embroider mickey mouse on everything i owned.  since then, i have given that machine a workout.

all of that to say, krista's question made me think of my grandma. and i really miss her. if i think too long about's she not here to see my growing belly and meet my little boy...i may end up in a puddle that requires me to tread water!

Monday, February 4, 2013

couch potato

we always wonder what boo does during the day while we are gone.  we make sure to leave the blinds open (yay, we finally have living room blinds!!!) so she can bark at cars, passers-by, and the two squirrels that live up in our soffit. 

brian has been off for the last three school days because we are getting pounded with snow. boo follows him around, but also seems to do a pretty good job of napping all day.  this could explain why she is a terror most evenings.

her new favorite spot is on the back of the couch cushion, particularly when we are sitting there.  at first i thought she liked this spot because it put her in the perfect position to snatch pieces of roasted chicken off of my plate (we never eat at the table....why, when there is downton abbey to watch?)....

but i've started to wonder if she is becoming more of a cuddle bug....

and today, she was practically wrapped around brian's head taking, what appears to be, the most amazing nap yet....

and if she's not napping, she's striking a 'queen of this house' pose....

yes, that is a christmas tree. i promise i finally took it down this weekend!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

25 weeks

yesterday was officially 25 weeks! we had a doctor's appointment on thursday, and everything looks good. i've gained 16 lbs total and my bump is 23 centimeters...from top to bottom. i haven't felt like i'm getting bigger over the last few weeks, but my clothes are telling a different story. i had to break down and buy some maternity tops with ruching on the normal tops aren't long enough anymore to cover that sexy panel on my jeans that stretches all the way up to my bra!

we went to a pancake breakfast fundraiser this morning.  they brought us the wrong drinks, but i went ahead and drank the coffee. it.was.delicious.  i haven't had caffeinated coffee, or any caffeinated drink, since i found out i was pregnant.  after breakfast, we went to walmart to do our shopping for the week. the little boy started moving about halfway through the store. he started by just stretching you should do before any strenuous activity. by the time we were ready to check out, he had worked up to what felt like a gymnastic floor routine, and i just couldn't be on my feet any longer.  i made a beeline for the car....right after i stopped to use the bathroom, because there was NO WAY i was making it home!

i don't think we'll be experimenting with caffeine again any time soon.