Saturday, June 22, 2013

our first trip!

Will finally lost his umbilical cord...after 4 weeks & 3 days (yes, i'm a little behind on these milestones)! woo!

i was so excited to give him his first official bath.  Good news...he's not a gremlin!!!...but he was totally stinkin cute and LOVED his first bath....

Will turned 5 weeks old....and is finally trying to stretch out those little breech legs!

we also got to spend a little time in poca. it was our first official trip in the car (at 2 hours) and Will did great.  we tried a few outings to target and the mall while we were there.  we're still getting the hang of this having-a-kid thing...we ended up leaving two hours later than we thought for each outing. yikes!  the visit was a nice change of pace with lots of rocking sessions from nana and popaw...

And Will got to meet his great grandparents, Vic and Immogene...this was pretty special...not many little boys can say they have great grandparents.  He and Vic were buds from the start...

i just can't get enough of this face! excuse me while i go smooch those cheeks off!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day

I have some pretty fantastic men to salute this Father's Day....

To my Dad...Now that I'm older, I often wonder how the Lord decided that Trey and I got to be your kids. So many kids grow up with crappy fathers or no fathers at all, you know this better than anyone. It doesn't seem fair that we got such an amazing Dad. And now that I have a child, I finally understand a little bit of how much you love us. I love you so much!

To my father-in-law Ed...Thank you for raising such a wonderful son. I'm so thankful that, in many ways, he's a chip off the ol'block. And how blessed am I to not only have one amazing Dad, but two?! You would do anything for us, and we can never thank you enough. Brian, Will, and I love you!

To Brian...Happy First Father's Day! In the midst of diaper changes and feedings, I didn't get to do as much as I wanted to for you. Even in these first five weeks, I've gotten a glimpse of what a great Dad you already are (you've changed WAY more diapers than me) and what a great Dad you're going to be. You are so loving, patient, and eager to participate in this little guy's life. I am so glad you are the father of my kid...Will is so blessed to have you as a Dad! There is no way I could do this without you! We love you more than can be described! Feel free to take a nice long nap today! ;-)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

the most satisfying yawn of all time

unrelated to my cute child....i read an article one time about how filming vertically (like i have here) with your iphone was annoying because all of our screens are oriented horizontally.  at the time, i thought that was silly, but watching this video, i totally see that guy's point...lesson learned

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

weeks 3 & 4

we have officially made it through weeks 3 and 4! Will is headed in for his one month doctor's appointment this afternoon.  we are anxious to see how much he weighs because he sure does love to eat!  i'm also anxious because this is my first "trip" with him alone...and i still can't lift anything that weighs more than him.  so, the seat is already in the car and the rest will be a juggling act i'm sure.  wish me luck!

i'm going to try my best to take weekly pictures of him on his are weeks 3 and 4....i feel like he's already changing so much!  i didn't get weeks 1 and 2 like this, but i'm sure we have PLENTY of pictures from those days.

brian is finished with school this week! amen!  our house is an absolute disaster.  Will is finally starting to get in a groove it seems (knock on wood).  it's like he is finally starting to get used to the idea of not being in the womb.  in the mornings, he will lay in his crib and just look around for sometimes 45 minutes.  my days still seem pretty chaotic though.  i am a human filling station. at least three times a day i think "did i brush my teeth today?"  makeup and fixing my hair are out of the question, but i'm still trying to get in some pictures with my sweet boy....who cares about everything else!?