Monday, June 30, 2014

iphone photo dump v5

boo isn't as excited about Will's kisses as we are.

i heard hysterical laughter from the other room and walked in to find shreds of magazine flying in the air.  as far as Will is concerned, Boo is hilarious.

the previous owners had some lovely rose bushes...possibly the only thing i'm thankful for that they left at this ole house of ours.

this explains the blue paint between Will's toes after school one day.

watching every move dad makes...especially when he is mowing

this is an awesome new face.

i am doing a 40 day organizing challenge. so far so good, as long as i let Will help. i found five bags of (unopened) croutons when i cleaned out my pantry. five!?

this kid loves making faces. he also loves ice cream sundaes.

when is the last time you had an open mouth kiss this good?

my little blondie. not sure where the blonde came from though.

Will also helps load the dishwasher.

A teething baby will try anything.

my dad got me a foldable citizen bike. why? well, it is a long story that involves an electromagnetic pulse.  it is mint green and so cute. and i desperately need a tan.

Aunt Dee Dee made Will a box of rocks to take home from her pool. These are worth hours of fun.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

(like)new steps

well, this little house of ours is starting to come along. we took this picture on the day we closed in october of 2012. we've done a lot since then, but there is still plenty to do.  since we are both out of school, we are tackling projects head on.


the front porch steps have always really bothered me...look at them...they are a complete mess. my cousin beth suggested tiling the fronts.  i was 100% in to this idea and even wanted to include our house number on one of them.  however, i have never tiled (though i'm ready to learn), we don't own a tile saw, and that was going to be a little too expensive for ye ole budget.  so we just tried to clean them up for the time being. my dad loaned us his power washer, and we went to town.  scary how much junk it cleaned off.  i was still not happy with the results... though cleaner, the steps really just needed to be resurfaced. ugh!

i can say with complete confidence that we had been to lowes 33 times looking at rustoleum's restore product for decks and concrete.  originally, we were going to cover our back deck with this stuff but decided it just might do the trick on the steps...and not even all of the steps...just the risers, the treads were in good shape after a good cleaning.  brian was worried that the color wouldn't match close enough, but as usual with this house, i took the "how could it look any worse?" approach. so we slapped some top n'bond on to even out the holes and big cracks, and during nap time, we got busy.

granted this is still wet and dried a little AWESOME is this color match (fieldstone)!???  we only painted the risers, and it surprisingly matches the treads almost perfectly. this picture is after one coat. i edged and brian worked with the roller (which is specifically made for this product). we finished the second coat after Will went to bed. 

 this is the finished product after drying for 24 hours. i am in love.

for the front of the house, we really want to get rid of that white storm door since it doesn't fit the opening and the rest of the trim on the house is, well, not white!!!!  however, we have priced doors to fit what seems to be a rather large opening, and we are looking at >$700 for a storm door.  good grief.

we also would like to paint the red portions of the house so that we no longer look like a bob evans. leaning toward a grey or dark blue right now.  i'm loving the inspiration picture below for a color option...but i could go either way.  until the next project.....
Exterior paint color  pratt and lambert wendigo

Monday, June 9, 2014

water baby

Will had his first "pool" experience this weekend.  my mom and dad got him a little plastic pool for hot days around the house (which will go in our arsenal of "outside distractions" for him while we work on house projects). so we greased him up and flopped him in. we were pretty confident he would like it, but i'm sure the mickey mouse on the bottom helped. i think my mom had as much fun as Will.  so many fun things to do with this little guy this summer.

the two front teeth with the gap in between....our favorite....

a waterlogged diaper sure does mess with a guy's balance.

if i had a nickel for every time i said "no, don't eat that".....