Thursday, January 19, 2017

May-June 2016

At the beginning of May, I participated in graduation and was given the Distinguished Faculty Award by the senior class. It was a total surprise. There was ugly crying and an awkward wave on the graduation stage. Way cool though and totally humbling!

Will really likes the millions of pictures I take like this 😏

I built some flower boxes for our porch and loaded them with beautiful flowers. Later in the summer, we won Yard of the Month! Brian is convinced it's because of his meticulous mowing patterns, but it was definitely because of the flower boxes.  I also went a little overboard with flowers in my yard, but I really can't get enough. 

Maggie Gene is growing up so fast. This picture is old, and the fact that she is holding a bottle of milk in it makes me even more sad.

 Will LOVES helping his Pawpaw work on cars when we are in Poca!

In June, we made a trip to Greenville for a family visit/vacation.  We got to see some of our favorite girlies swim in a meet...

We spent one day on the lake with cousins. So. much. fun.

Had a pooped baby on the trip home. Look at those CHEEKS!

We also spent many days at Aunt Dee Dee and Uncle Dave's pool.  I think the kiddos like Uncle Dave's golf cart rides more than the pool. Oh how I love this picture!

Father's Day!

I took the kiddos to the Game Farm to see the bear cub.  Will has spent every evening since (as in months) talking about cute they are, how we could go on a bear hunt, and how he doesn't want a bear to eat him.

Sweaty heads and cuddling on the couch after naps...

Maggie got her pigs painted for the first time. Now they must always be painted!

Cutie cuties....

Poor Mags always gets put in her brother's old pajamas since it's the one hand-me-down we can get away with. My mom had a hard time guessing whether this was Will or Maggie!