Monday, June 30, 2014

iphone photo dump v5

boo isn't as excited about Will's kisses as we are.

i heard hysterical laughter from the other room and walked in to find shreds of magazine flying in the air.  as far as Will is concerned, Boo is hilarious.

the previous owners had some lovely rose bushes...possibly the only thing i'm thankful for that they left at this ole house of ours.

this explains the blue paint between Will's toes after school one day.

watching every move dad makes...especially when he is mowing

this is an awesome new face.

i am doing a 40 day organizing challenge. so far so good, as long as i let Will help. i found five bags of (unopened) croutons when i cleaned out my pantry. five!?

this kid loves making faces. he also loves ice cream sundaes.

when is the last time you had an open mouth kiss this good?

my little blondie. not sure where the blonde came from though.

Will also helps load the dishwasher.

A teething baby will try anything.

my dad got me a foldable citizen bike. why? well, it is a long story that involves an electromagnetic pulse.  it is mint green and so cute. and i desperately need a tan.

Aunt Dee Dee made Will a box of rocks to take home from her pool. These are worth hours of fun.

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