Thursday, February 7, 2013

silly girl

my friend krista sent me an email this morning asking about my sewing machine preferences, because she is in the market to buy one.

isn't it funny how sometimes just one little question or comment can send you spiraling down memory lane and leave you in a puddle of tears (in the middle of your office....during office hours)?

oh, that's just me? well then. let's just blame it on hormones.

my grandma got me a sewing machine for christmas some years ago. i think i was still in college at the time. opening the gift was not one of my proudest moments.  as i pulled the wrapping paper off of the box, i saw a sewing machine with the word "Disney" pasted in huge letters across the top.  the picture of the machine had Disney characters all over it.  i was convinced that grandma had gotten me some toy sewing machine without realizing it, but i smiled and thanked her....and the sewing machine sat in the closet for years, even though i loved to sew and had plenty of projects i wanted to work on.

during one of my many moves, i pulled it out of the closet and finally cracked it open.  wouldn't you know, as far as sewing machines are concerned, it was the bomb.  not only was it a digital sewing machine (that a monkey could thread without any instructions), but it had the capability to do embroidery just by programming it and pressing GO.  the whole disney thing was no big deal....the machine had a disney package so that i could embroider mickey mouse on everything i owned.  since then, i have given that machine a workout.

all of that to say, krista's question made me think of my grandma. and i really miss her. if i think too long about's she not here to see my growing belly and meet my little boy...i may end up in a puddle that requires me to tread water!

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