Saturday, February 2, 2013

25 weeks

yesterday was officially 25 weeks! we had a doctor's appointment on thursday, and everything looks good. i've gained 16 lbs total and my bump is 23 centimeters...from top to bottom. i haven't felt like i'm getting bigger over the last few weeks, but my clothes are telling a different story. i had to break down and buy some maternity tops with ruching on the normal tops aren't long enough anymore to cover that sexy panel on my jeans that stretches all the way up to my bra!

we went to a pancake breakfast fundraiser this morning.  they brought us the wrong drinks, but i went ahead and drank the coffee. it.was.delicious.  i haven't had caffeinated coffee, or any caffeinated drink, since i found out i was pregnant.  after breakfast, we went to walmart to do our shopping for the week. the little boy started moving about halfway through the store. he started by just stretching you should do before any strenuous activity. by the time we were ready to check out, he had worked up to what felt like a gymnastic floor routine, and i just couldn't be on my feet any longer.  i made a beeline for the car....right after i stopped to use the bathroom, because there was NO WAY i was making it home!

i don't think we'll be experimenting with caffeine again any time soon.

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  1. once again, you're adorable! I am getting so excited to meet my nephew! BTW I don't know how you've given up caffeine!