Tuesday, January 29, 2013

oh. my. word.

disclaimer: i intend to do nothing but whine in this post....

i am exhausted. my students are wearing me out. their first test is tomorrow, so of course, that means you should start studying today, right?!  my office hours were 9-11.  from 8am-11:30am, i had a total of 16 students come to my office.  they were lined up in the hall and sitting on my office floor.  this after a 2 hour study session last night from 7-9 (which was supposed to end at 8:30).

side note- i really do encourage students to come to my office for help, and generally enjoy it...i'm just not sure that the day before the test is the best time to be doing it....

to say i'm a little crabby is an understatement. i was on my feet all day yesterday...even more than normal because of the study session. my back feels like someone beat me with 2x4's. and the little boy has decided that nighttime is a good time to wake up and give those limbs a workout......and THEN the flood of procrastination this morning has sent me over the edge.

i could go on and on (i've gotten some awesome emails as well this morning), but i won't. i need to walk across campus to get a snickers or something!