Friday, January 11, 2013

a quick fix

Little Boo is back to her normal self after surgery, except that she can't jump off of the bed by herself. She was absolutely pitiful the evening we brought her home...a big puddle in Brian's arms. She moaned all night and couldn't seem to find a comfortable position.

But the next morning was a different story. She was eating and barking and trying to run around like a crazy lady.  We moved a mattress into the living room so she has "steps" up onto the couch.

She has been giving us fits over her stitches though.  She licks them CONSTANTLY! As much as we yell and move her head away, she won't quit.  This morning, they did not look very good, and we don't have a cone to put on her.  So, she got a surprise that she was not excited about...

Don't trust that innocent looking face...she's rotten.

I put a tank top on her. I had to cut it here and there to tie it up so that it fit a little better, but it completely covers her stitches. And, she is so preoccupied with the tank top that she hasn't tried to lick anymore.  What are the odds there are tank top shreds all over the floor when we get home?

UPDATE: Brian checked on her at lunch.  The tank top was off and stitches were pulled out. She's at the vet again to get some new stitches and a snazzy cone to wear on her head for a week or so....that should produce some blog-worthy pictures/video!!!

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