Friday, January 4, 2013

a new year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, all in one post!

We spent a few days over break with my family eating, relaxing, visiting, and eating some more. Brian and I made Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls...this is our third year and is, I think, officially a Christmas tradition for us! 


My brother took a picture of my 20 week belly...yikes!  Everything is going great. The ultrasound showed us that all of baby boy's parts are good-to-go, he is growing like crazy, and has been throwing some dance parties in this bulging belly of mine. Mom and Dad got him an adorable WVU ball cap...oh my!

We also spent some time with Brian's family in Poca. Watching the nieces and nephew open gifts is so much fun...they couldn't wait! Baby boy also got some amazing things...which deserve their own post! We had so much fun eating, visiting, and playing with everyone....we don't get to do that enough!

I also got to see my college friends...Krista, Jess, and Lindsay. We got to catch up and talk all about baby things!

The end of break has been less than awesome.  When we got back from Poca, we discovered that our basement had flooded. We are pretty sure the DishNetwork installation dude unplugged our sump pump so he could use his drill. However, he plugged the wrong thing back the sump pump was off the whole time we were about 6 inches of snow melted.  We obviously have some drainage issues to work out when spring and summer roll around. Brian spent practically a full day with the ShopVac [anyone interested in that awesome chair in the background?...the previous owner left it, along with a TON of other's golf print...Jen and Andrew??? ;-) ]...

And to ring in the new year, we both got the stomach bug...YEAH! Luckily, I think we are both just about over it. Amen. Brian was back to school Thursday, and I go back on Monday!

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  1. I didn't know you got sick too! Hope you and brian are feeling better. I think we will pass on the chair :)