Monday, January 7, 2013

poor boo

I dropped Boo off at the vet's office this morning to be spayed.  She followed Brian around this morning and watched him like a hawk.  I'm sure she just couldn't understand why he wasn't feeding her or letting her drink anything.  She shook from the moment she got in the car till I handed her off.

....and then I proceeded to cry the whole way to work.  What am I going to be like with a CHILD!!???

I totally blame Brian for my tears though. About a month ago he said something about feeling bad for Boo....we are all she has and, if you think about it, she doesn't ever really know if we are coming home each day....or, if we leave her somewhere, if we are ever coming back to get her. So since then, I've been a big teary mess over this dog.

Or maybe it's the hormones.

She watches intently when I do my makeup...and then she tries to eat my mascara. Love her.

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