Wednesday, January 29, 2014

32, 33, 34, 35, 36, & 37 weeks...yikes!

Will has been home with brian for almost a week and a half because of the snow and cutrightthroughyou frigid temperatures. they have enjoyed being home together so much...going back to school tomorrow is going to be rough for brian.

in the meantime, baby boy just keeps growing. what is happening!? this mama doesn't like it one bit! 

that's not completely sure is fun to see him learn new things. Will is currently filling out at a rapid rate, always keeping an eye on what boo is doing, giggling when we tickle him (and in anticipation when we tell him we are going to tickle him), saying da-da-da pretty clearly, and crawling...straight to boo's bowl of dog food. enough already.


and once again, i have this poor guy in a onesie that is too tight and don't realize it until i look at pictures. HE IS GROWING TOO FAST!!!  i feel like i need to write him a message in case he ever reads this blog one day.... "sorry dude, i had no idea what i was doing!"

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