Wednesday, January 22, 2014

iphone photo dump v4

these pictures span from the start of my christmas break to the present...

the old ladies at walmart dig this hat...

I made a quick trip to charlottesville to see this amazing gal....

 robin was trying on a bunch of frames from warby parker before she committed to a new pair, so i jumped on board. i think these complete the chemistry professor image.

 he is (was) slowly working on the mechanics of this crawling business...

in poca, Will got to play with his baby cousin lily....

and cousin maddie gave him a bottle.

we also took in our first wvu basketball game with nana and pawpaw.

aunt jen got Will the most awesome periodic table blocks. he can learn the alphabet while learning the elements, right?

we had to make some modifications to the trim work in our house to get this bouncy seat to work, but it was SO worth it. Will bounces and giggles until he is exhausted. it's nearly impossible to get a good picture of him in it, because he won't stand still.

holy cow. the sweetest little chunky cheeks!

 uh oh. time to lower the mattress.

double uh oh!!!!

Will got to stay home with brian yesterday (and today too...those lucky bums) since we had a snow day. when i got home, he greeted me with sleepy eyes and crazy hair! :-)

we are currently under about 10 inches of snow.  i absolutely hate being cold but generally like the snow if i have the right gear.  if you are in need to some good snow boots, invest in some bean boots. they are the second best investment (behind the subaru) for this winter! i have also lectured in them all week! HA!

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