Saturday, January 18, 2014


i had not heard of birchbox. it was a christmas present from my brother-in-law andrew (so, thanks jen! ;-) 

with a subscription to birchbox, you get a different box of goodies each month. this is particularly exciting for me since sephora and ulta aren't around the corner anymore.  and let's be honest, i'm still like a little girl when it comes to new beauty products.  when i got my birchbox, i was painting my nails with gold glitter nail polish and applying the brightest pink lipstick i've ever owned...when i was supposed to be making dinner. :-)

the box is so cute....
...and is filled with the coolest stuff.  this box had a perfume sample, a face primer sample, ghirardelli chocolate (not pictured because i ate it), nail polish that changes color outside!!!!, and the most vibrant and wonderful lipstick ( need this!)

this week, i'm sure my students thought i was trying to be way younger than i am. and they would be right..but come on, this nail polish is awesome


  1. You are incredibly beautiful! And they also make a "bark box" ;-)

    1. You are too sweet, friend! btw, I think you would like this lipstick too. It's like a big crayon and sort of feels like what you would imagine a crayon would feel like were you to somehow apply it to your lips. It makes you feel sassy. And, I can't get used to this whole last name thing. weird. but lovely.