Tuesday, August 13, 2013

12 & 13 weeks

week 12: Will helped us with the yard sale. he lured people in and then we made our sales pitch.  we got rid of everything the previous owner left in our basement (crib, kids bed, loveseat, desk, desk chair, sewing machine and chair, stereo, laptop, 2 computers circa 1990s, a coffee table, 2 exercise bikes, a sweeper...yeah, it was ridiculous).

he got in a couple full nights of sleep...we were thrilled! and he got a new bathtub. the one we had didn't fit our sink well, so my parents just had to take care of that.  now he stays in and plays for a while (and sometimes decides that it would be the opportune location for pooping).

Will also figured out how to get his right thumb in his had been giving him fits. he worked out a pretty good technique...he puts his whole hand over his face with his mouth open and then slides it across until the thumb pops in. kid's a problem solver.

week 13: Will got to spend a few days in Poca with his cousins. he absolutely loved watching them swim and play. 

he got to hang out with his other cousins, sam and jack, at jack's birthday party.

he chilled in the bumbo in his air jordan's while we cleaned up the kitchen.

 and he started rolling over on his right side.  this must be comfortable because he's fallen asleep 3 times now in his crib, on his right side, sucking his thumb. Firsts.

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