Thursday, August 1, 2013

adding to the crazy

brian and i are spending today getting ready for an event that is a BIG deal around these parts...WV's largest yard sale.  that's right, our little town is the site of WV's largest yard sale, and our house is smackdab in the middle of it all.  we've been told that it's easily as crazy as the strawberry festival with people coming in from florida and texas (my friend joni told me the junk gypsy girls will be here!!!)... so rather than try to avoid it, we are going to load some junk in our front yard and pull up a couple of chairs! i don't think i'll be able to resist buying some junk though....brian is just hoping we break even! i'll report back on how it goes...

and because i take too many pictures of this kid....

last weekend both sets of grandparents came over for dinner and Will put on a little smiling show for everyone. be still my heart.

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