Tuesday, August 27, 2013

14 & 15 weeks

Week 14:  Will is officially rolling over and holding his head up.  if he has something to push off of, he manages to scoot himself pretty good too (look out!).  head control - check!

he took a guy's trip to church with dad -in matching outfits- while I was at school participating in freshman orientation activities.

Week 15: smiles are officially happening all the time. he is even starting to work on a giggle, we just know it.  he's doing great at daycare....they say when one baby starts crying, they all start crying...except for Will, he just looks around.  i think he's going to have a pretty laid back personality.  he doesn't seem to recognize us yet when we pick him up (i'm still waiting for the day when he looks at me as if to say "YAY MOMMY'S HERE!"), but he's starting to recognize our faces when we are playing with him.

he loves playing in his crib with his 'friends'....everyone is friends with the purple turtle, right? he has been telling them some unbelievable stories, like what he's dreaming about at night (milk, of course).

and since he can hold his head up, he's much more amenable to being favorite....

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