Saturday, November 16, 2013

iphone photo dump v3

i'm behind by at least 10 posts. maybe i'll get caught up over thanksgiving break.  Will is officially a snuggle-bug....bout time!

This is exactly how he would lay on Nan when he was first born.

Will and Uncle Trey are buds.

Anymore, where Will is, Boo is. competition or comradery?

Bring on the snow!
brian caught us!

this high chair with a 5-point harness and rear suspension is awesome.

Sophie is delicious and just what those teefers need.

I'm glad this kid likes toboggans...
...and ball caps! HA!
ordering this cake over the phone from walmart made for an interesting conversation. happy mole day, Oct 23!

Fundraiser order form almost got eaten.

Sitting up like a big guy!

My favorite face he makes....lunch with Pawpaw...

...and Nana.
he apparently hasn't discovered the entertainment value of people watching in walmart.

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