Saturday, November 30, 2013

2nd annual....

am i the only person who feels like it is impossible to make friends after college? brian says i am.  i will be the first to admit that i'm not the most outgoing person....some serious hermit tendencies. but, i am a chemist. enough said.

when we moved to charlottesville, we met a group of friends that is the absolute poo! the kind of people you feel instantly comfortable can do or say stupid things and they won't hold it against you for the rest of your life (lauren...i'm hoping this also applies to our dumb dog!) can expose every bit of weirdness (this specifically pertains to brian ;-)  and they laugh at you but love you anyway (i.e., some of the coolest people God ever made. ever.)

so, these swell folks came to visit us a few weekends ago.  the only thing we really did was walk up to campus to check it out and see my grody office...but that's only because we had consumed 40,000 calories and really needed to move.

they really wanted to see where i lectured. i tried to explain that it wasn't much to see.

jeff was curious why just one seat color couldn't have been ordered. i have been in this room for 1.5 years, and the thought had never crossed my mind. jeff should be in administration.

we played with the cathode ray tube and tesla coil in my office....

and it was evan's birthday, so brian let him get away with putting Will in some virginia gear.

good times.  this is the second year we've gotten together in the fall.  i'm REALLY hoping this stays a tradition forever.

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  1. This post makes my soul happy. Tradition forever is exactly right. :)