Friday, November 22, 2013


by the time one of the last weekends in october rolled around, we realized we hadn't done anything "fall"ish.  we were dying to go to charlottesville, but Will still seemed a little too small to enjoy it.  we had seen signs around town for a pumpkin patch called The Farm, which boasted a fall extravaganza of sorts.  ended up practically being some dude's back yard, but whatever.

he was looking around as if to say "this place is a joke. i thought you guys were taking me to a pumpkin patch?"

 let's be optimistic and say it had just been picked over by this point, but i still only counted a total of about 10 pumpkins.

and then came halloween. we weren't able to pass out candy last year because we were busy sanding and staining floors...and didn't live here yet.  but our porch is huge and was just begging for trick-or-treaters to come hither.  so we were a family of bandits (i literally cut some masks out of an old tshirt 5 minutes before going outside....just a little thrown-together).  Will loved it. he had so many little kids come and say hi to him.  i had to make a run to riteaid about 20 minutes in to replenish our stock...people come out of the woodwork for this apparently.  brian made any of the kids who seemed a little old to be trick-or-treating answer a question about state capitols. it was a good time.

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