Friday, December 6, 2013

i'm hungry mama, i really am

about a month ago now, Will got his first introduction to solids...rice cereal.  we were told that it would be a messy afair. no kidding. this stuff is no joke...hardens like cement.
then came some veggies. the doctor said the orange family of veggies was the easiest on the tummy, so we started with carrots. they were an immediate hit.  however, the fingers are still pretty tasty apparently...they make their way into his mouth after every bite.

this guy is also developing a serious case of mommyitis.  one fail safe to stop those big ole tears is for me to sing to him.  it is the sweetest thing...melts me.

still working on crawling.  he gets more frustrated than anything.  maybe he'll skip this step and go straight to walking...we're starting to wonder.


and the ONLY way to wind down after a rough day of eating and trying to crawl...bath time!
"dad, we are supposed to be a team. don't take naked baby pictures for her!"

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