Thursday, December 19, 2013

thanksgiving break

since it's almost christmas, how about a thanksgiving break update? oy!

over thanksgiving break, we celebrated my birthday. my mom made me my favorite meal...ham, mashed potatoes, ham gravy...holy cow. and with a huge cake in front of me, i'm still shoveling in the mashed potatoes.

after thanksgiving dinner at my parent's house, jack and i worked on adding minecraft mods to his new computer. i still have no idea what a minecraft mod is.

then it was off to nana and pawpaw's in poca. the whole gang of cousins was in town which meant tons of entertainment for Will...and we finally got to meet the new addition, sweet Lily Drew.

just chillin with Pap Wise

the girls took turns feeding and holding Will...the best bunch of little mamas ever!

and how sweet are these pictures of nana and pawpaw with all of the grandkids. holy cow, we are one blessed family!
minus riley

think Will is going to fit in with those two knuckleheads on the left? riley really wasn't digging picture time, but she's still cute as a button!

friday morning, Will woke up with a fever of 103. all he wanted to do was sleep.  so we decided to pack things up early and head home to see the doctor.  poor little guy had his first ear infection.  the first antibiotic didn't work, and the second broke him out in a full body rash.  we got very little sleep that next did we survive the first few weeks after he was born?!

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