Monday, October 22, 2012

the weekend

brian's family had tickets to the wvu game on saturday, so they got to hang out with us at the mcquaid homestead before they left.

our nieces were particularly excited to play with boo. apparently they don't come to see uncle b and aunt jo jo anymore...just boo ;-) haha....i completely understand!

mimi is a regular dog whisperer...and boo knocked maddie (the baby) down a couple times, but all maddie did was giggle while saying "no boo"!

aunt jen got the girls ready with flying wv tattoos... (doesn't aunt jen's hair look awesome...she used wen shampoo...i'm going to have to try it!!)

holy cow...these girls are gorgeous...and love west virginia!!!

...and we got an awesome family picture in the yard with the beautiful leaves! too bad the game sucked.

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