Monday, October 8, 2012

a good weekend

the webbies had a great weekend! brian found out on friday that he got a permanent job in upshur county! YAY!!!!!!! he will be a special ed teacher and will travel between the elementary and high schools. 

we napped and played with boo most of saturday. she was thrilled to be out of her crate for a full day. then we watched the mountaineers spank the longhorns.

sunday was another lazy day.  i finished writing my second test of the semester (which i am giving today).  we caught up on laundry and straightened the house.  mom and i whipped up two big pots of meatballs and two pumpkin pies (brian's belated 'birthday cake'...the man LOVES pie)!

i like to think that i am pretty good at making pies, but i still have a lot to learn. i can't bring myself to use store bought crust because martha's pie dough recipe is the best (and easiest....toss everything in the food processor). i also just use the filling recipe on the back of the libby's pumpkin can (but i half the amount of ground cloves). these crusts turned out a little wonky....i was rushing and didn't let the dough chill before rolling it out....but they were still absolutely delicious.

cold pumpkin pie is the best breakfast.

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