Thursday, October 25, 2012

hello hardwood

the first time we walked through the house, we both commented on how horrible the carpet was. and not jut ugly....dirty and gross. we knew it needed to come up, so the realtor let us rip up a corner in a closet to see if there was hardwood underneath.  from what we could tell, there was. but in some places, it seemed like the boards were really far apart.  we just weren't sure if they would be in good enough shape to use (and we didn't have the money budgeted for new floors).

the first thing we did last night was start ripping up carpet. we started in the bedroom (not a great "before"... we got ahead of ourselves and just started ripping!).....
after about an hour, brian had the carpet, padding, and tack strips ripped up, and my mom and i were finishing ripping out the millions of staples that were holding the padding down. and HELLO HARDWOOD!!! this room is in pretty good condition...some discoloration here and there.

my brother arrived to help out, so we moved to the living room....

the living room is almost done...just a few staples here and there. this room will definitely need to be refinished because of stains and a stripped finish in many places. but it is pretty amazing how much it has transformed the room already. i can't WAIT to paint in there (the dark blue trim is terrible!).

and in the meantime, boo was helping us clean all of the corners with her face...

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