Tuesday, October 16, 2012

an unoriginal but totally necessary DIY

my mom has a very well-equipped kitchen...the lady can do some SERIOUS cooking. over the years, she has accumulated lots of platters, baking sheets, cutting boards, etc. though mom has plenty of storage for these items in a nice, big cabinet above the microwave, anytime you try to get something out, the whole mess comes crashing out at you.....and i couldn't handle it anymore!!!

so, my unoriginal by totally necessary DIY project was based on some pins from my organization board on pinterest. it was obvious that these things needed stored vertically, but i didn't feel like cutting dowel rods or making custom vertical inserts. 

enter small $4 tension rods from target. spaced 5 or 6 inches apart....

TA DA! now everything is easy to find and easy to retrieve. phew. that was bugging me.

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