Thursday, October 4, 2012

no news is good news?

bad news...i am pretty sure that after this process (whether we get the house or not), we will never want to buy a house ever again!  we have updates on the house, things i could go on and on about, but i won't. not until it's better news.

good news....brian is subbing for a teacher for the next three weeks. he has gotten consistent work for a couple of weeks now. he also had an interview for a special ed position. it could be a long-shot since he isn't technically qualified (but has tons of experience), but just getting the interview was exciting. it's also nice that he is working because we get to ride together. two hours in the car each day is too much alone time, in my some company is awesome. 

bad news....little boo hates being in her crate all day now that we are both working. she seems to have her days and nights mixed up and has been whining all night long. we are about ready to stick her out in the garage.

good news....she is so entertaining and makes us laugh. she finds the biggest stick in the yard and prances around with it like she's really got something. she's a trip.

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