Thursday, August 9, 2012

thesis faces

as i was writing my thesis, i thought it would be cool (cool??) to see how disheveled i became closer to the due date. it definitely would have been cooler if i could have grown a thesis beard, but oh well. so, when i was writing at night or during the day, i took a picture of least when i remembered...this is only 1.5 months worth (i didn't remember very often). i wish i could throw out more than half of these...yikes!...but that would defeat the purpose.  my wardrobe is also pretty embarrassing. the star wars and lincoln band t-shirts sure did get a lot of play. don't judge....they were likely clean (enough), and i didn't have any brain cells left to put together outfits.....


  1. I am endlessly amused by these photos! I think I remember the weeks that coincide with row 6-7. Happy thats over for you. Ps comeback:)

  2. HA! Yeah, some of those are pretty rough! I figured these would be amusing for those who had to look at me during that time! Miss you!

  3. hahaha. that is hysterical! sorry I am late at commenting on this.