Saturday, August 25, 2012


i hope that i haven't jinxed us, but i couldn't pass this up...

we stopped at a moving sale today in cross lanes...a lady brian has known since he was little is moving down south and was selling practically everything she owned....dishes, couches, chairs, paintings. i am a sucker for really old pieces and was drooling over a short chest of drawers with a marble top...but the price tag was a little steep for our current budget. however, i was also drooling over another piece...a beautiful solid walnut buffet circa 1800s. yikes. and at $125, i couldn't pass it up. luckily, brian liked it too and my wonderful inlaws were willing to store it for us....which brings me to jinxing ourselves....

i am buying furniture for a house we don't own yet. oh my word....i've lost my mind.

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