Thursday, September 12, 2013

iphone photo dump

i have been reminded by some (ahem...aunt della :-) that i've been awol here lately.  life is crazy when you both work and have a baby (i realize this is not new information).  i have been keeping up with Will's weekly pictures, but they just haven't made it from the camera to the computer yet.  but i will say, the rolls on his legs are starting to get out of control!

here are some random pictures from my phone from the last few weeks...not the greatest quality, but cute nonetheless

brian finally has a football watching buddy

let's go mountaineers!

already enamored by the tv

"it's too early for this, mom"

such a happy fella in the mornings...oh my, those dimples!

snuggling with a full belly

firetruck sleeper for pawpaw

new church outfit from aunt linda

hanging out on the bed while mom gets ready for work


  1. oh my! what a cutie! miss the little guy!

  2. super cute! i didn't realize that all we had to do was demand pictures!:) i especially love his expression in the WVU gear!