Tuesday, September 17, 2013

16 & 17 weeks

i am ashamed to say that i have no idea what happened in the last two weeks. it has been a blur. but i do know that my kid is getting big.  every day he looks different to me...more plump! :-)  his 4 month doctor's appointment is this week, including shots. boo! (the utterance of disapproval not the dog) i can't wait to see how much he weighs.

16 weeks: this was the best we were going to get.  Will had a little cold this week...thank you daycare!

17 weeks: oh how i love this picture...the rolls around the wrists and thighs, the chunky cheeks, the look...either he's thinking of something funny or getting ready to poop

here's the mashup....sort of unbelievable to me


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  1. that smile! those wrist rolls! i cant wait to see him soon. :)