Saturday, September 14, 2013

as far as boo is concerned...

as far as boo is concerned, this has all been one big mistake.

prior to may 13, boo was #1.  long evening walks, sprinting sessions in the backyard, frequent kongs full of peanut butter, laying all over us in bed.

post may 13, she is a solid #2.  an occasional walk when we have the energy, play sessions in the backyard only when we HAVE to go out there to mow the grass, kongs full of peanut butter to occupy her for 10 minutes, confining her to the middle foot-of-the-bed (sleep is too precious now).  to say she's been neglected would be a little strong, but she definitely is not getting enough attention these days.  we are trying to work on that.  all things considered, she has been wonderful through this "little" transition.

boo didn't really know what to do when Will came home, but she immediately realized there was a change in the house.  she was a little sulky for a few weeks....severely jealous when it came to brian's affections.  she only acknowledged Will's presence when his toes were available for a few licks.

Week 1 (or 2?)

now Will is starting to watch her, and she is starting to check in on him.  this morning, i was up working and heard him start to stir.  boo trotted in, stood up over the bassinet, and stayed there until i came in to check on him.

she looks suspicious of me

so i'm starting to think that boo is changing her mind about Will.  the only thing that could possibly be better than playing with our socks is playing with Will's socks. as Will was watching me do dishes, this is the event i saw take place...

this feels like the beginnings of a very ornery partnership.

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  1. I love the looks on both of their faces once the sock was off!:)