Friday, September 27, 2013

18 & 19 weeks

18 weeks:  Will had his four month doctor's appointment this week.  He measured in at 25 inches long and weighed 13 lbs 12 oz...right on target!  unfortunately, this trip also involved more shots, but he handled them like a tough guy.  from my point of view, shots are the worst...his cry when he realizes he is in pain is heart wrenching!

19 weeks: the lighting in this picture is terrible because i had forgotten to take it (i was three days late taking pictures this week) and had to snap a few right before bed. at least i was still able to get some smiles. 18 and 19 weeks, but moreso 19 weeks, has seen more determination to become mobile. Will can get his knees up under him, but the arms aren't quite ready to cooperate. this incites loads of frustration.

i recently found the coolest site called blinkbuggy...a digital baby book.  i got two really nice baby books at my shower and have yet to crack them open (sorry to those who got them for me).  i don't even have thank you cards out to folks who gave us lovely gifts after Will was born (oy vey!), let alone entries in a baby book. BUT blinkbuggy is awesome. you can throw in pictures, mark milestones, record funny things that are said, share the pages with friends and family...AND the creators of the site are working on a printing option so that after, say, a year, you could have your pages printed into a a shutterfly picture book. other than this blog, i think it seems like a great place to put some of the thousands of pictures that we already have of this kid!

he managed to scoot himself completely off of the blanket...making his way over to boo...

...he made it...and boo's tongue is out because she just tasted his face. awesome. the sock in the background is one of approximately 23 that boo drug out of the hamper that day.

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