Saturday, May 4, 2013

38 weeks

since yesterday marked 38 weeks, that definitely means no travel for us.  this has been a total bummer all day today, because two of our favorite people in the world are getting married in charlottesville and we are missing it!  luckily, we got to facetime for a few minutes with the bride before the wedding...she looked unbelievable....made me boo-hoo just a little!  congrats evan and lauren! we love you both so much! please be prepared for a full day reenactment the next time we see you.

WELL, 13 days and counting! the nursery is just about finished (pictures to come soon).  i'm being just a little bit obsessive about it i think.

we still don't have hospital bags packed yet.  my doctor says i'm tempting the labor gods. (i'm going to get up and pack the baby's as soon as i click publish)

as far as labor is concerned, i'm starting to make some progress-a good sign, but likely no baby this week.

this is really closer to a 37 week picture, but i had to show one where i look halfway decent....

...because 38 weeks is crossing over into miserable territory....

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