Wednesday, May 8, 2013

the nursery

when we moved in to the house, we knew right away that the sunroom - off of the living room and our bedroom- would make the perfect little nursery.  it is not a big room and presented some challenges- no closet, a huge radiator, 2 out of 4 walls of solid windows.

this is how the room looked before we did anything... disgusting carpet, light pink walls, mauve curtains, and furniture that was left (that we have since given away). redeeming qualities: hardwood under the carpet (that needed stained and refinished), awesome french doors, lots of light.

the view from the living room is much sweeter now (even with a pack n'play temporarily shoved in the corner)...

brian refinished the floors a while back.  we had painters trim the room in white with grey walls. we decided on a color scheme -navy and lime green- rather than picking a theme.  the dresser, from ikea, was bought with a gift from my aunt betsy and aunt linda.  the glider and ottoman, ordered from amazon, was a gift from my parents...i have taken some awesome naps in it already.  the crib is from brian's sister's in perfect condition and has already slept three sweet nieces.

the quilt hanging on the crib is a handmade gift...thanks brenda!!!  i fell in love with the floor pouf's from the land of nod, but not with the prices of up to $90! yikes! so, i searched for a tutorial and found a perfect one from living with punks...thus, the floor pouf in the lower left corner was born (costing maybe $40 for all of the materials?).

with SO MANY windows to dress, i got cheap white curtains from ikea and hot glued navy/lime green ribbon to the edges.  i was actually able to cut each panel in half because they were so large, which stretched the purchase.  3 packs x $10/pack, plus ~$15 in ribbon...I was able to cover all of those windows for ~$45! score!

the lamp with shelves holding toys was a wedding gift that got spray painted blue for the nursery. the rug came from for ~$80.  i made the hanging bunting from curtain scraps and fabric my mom bought and used to cover tables at the baby shower. and doesn't the afghan i made look SO CUTE on the back of the glider!?

since storage is an issue, i picked up two big bins from lowes for $10 each that slide right under the crib.  they are for extra diapers, wipes, and anything else that needs to be neatly out of sight.

i mixed brown and white frames to try to tie the crib and dresser colors together, though i'm not sure it was necessary with the wood doors and white trim already in the room.  i bought the turtle and narnia prints from etsy. the "i love everything about you" print was a free online printable that i colored.  i also framed a baby shower invitation, baby boy's ultrasound, and a few of the maternity pictures jess took of us.  we also took the glass out of the frames and, after hanging, secured the frames with command picture hanging strips...since they are right over where baby boy will sleep.

i am tickled pink with how it turned out.  i think brian is too...even though he kept telling me i was making it too girly ;-)  

NOW, bring on the baby!


  1. wow. you have a GIFT!! that nursery is fantastic. well done, joanna!!

  2. I LOVE how it turned out! You did an awesome job...and on a budget too! We are so excited for you too! P.S. You should totally pin this to pinterest!

  3. looks awesome!! can't wait til the little man is in his nursery!

  4. Love it, and can't wait to meet your sweet little man.

  5. ummm...will you come decorate my house?!