Tuesday, May 7, 2013

happy birthday boo!

boo is a cinco de mayo baby...her birthday was this past sunday, may 5th. although she didn't actually become part of our family until 8 weeks after she was born, we definitely celebrated! she got a new bone, a little extra peanut butter in her kong, and a trip to my parent's house.  this is always a treat because their yard is huge and boo runs her guts out when she is there.

brian and i absolutely love this dog.  one of brian's coworkers had to have her dog put down today.  when brian told me that story, i think we both got a little teary (ok, i sobbed and had to get off the phone).  i'm sure this post is going to seem ridiculous after we have a CHILD!

this is the first picture we ever took of boo...when we went to see her at the breeder's....

hard to believe she has gotten so big in a year....

patiently watching out the window for brian to return from his run

what used to look like a huge stuffed animal is now a rinky-dink toy- that she still loves!....

happy birthday boo!

(does someone want to tell her that she's about to become #2??? i don't know that she's going to handle it well!)

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