Wednesday, December 5, 2012

all out of red ink

today was my last day of lectures. AMEN! i did a little happy dance when all of my students were gone!!!

unfortunately, i am absolutely buried under grading. i've already graded SO much....enough that i have drained TWO red pens of ink. but the stacks just keep sitting there laughing at me.

in the meantime, we got blinds up in the bedroom so that we will no longer be flashing the little lady next door (though i did have the windows partially covered with craft paper).

my mom helped me decorate the house. this is only the second year that we've had a christmas tree. it makes me so happy.

and i got together with my best friends and their moms for a little holiday dinner at oliverios. i was craving a steak, and their filet is fantastic. i ate like a hog. two thumbs up for the "eating for two" motto!

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